Welcome to bouts.app!

Spend more time at the strip and less time at your desk.

bouts.app is made to help fencing conferences share competition results, track performance automatically, and save administrators time! You don't need to spend hours collating results from each team—let bouts.app take care of it and skip the headache.

bouts.app helps manage the following aspects of your conference:

  • Participants, from schools to fencers
  • Competitions, with support for match entry
  • Ranking fencers and teams for seedings and championships
  • Win-loss records, for schools, squads, and fencers
  • Centralizing management of records

bouts.app is lightweight, super-fast, and secure! Limited Internet connection at your competition venues? No worries: bouts.app will run fine over a cellular connection.

Interested in using bouts.app for your fencing conference? Please email us to set up an instance!

Why is this necessary?

bouts.app is made and run by Ethan Madison and Zach Zipper, two alumni of University of Michigan Fencing. At Michigan, we participated in the Midwest Fencing Conference, which usually had a rush to tabulate results right before conference championships. Representatives from each school had to go through the season's results and make a spreadsheet for each fencer detailing each bout the fencer participated in, as well as another for each of the six squads. We would then send these to the conference secretary, who would spend many hours collecting the necessary information to establish seeding and have to deal with teams sending results in late or not at all. The MFC looked for a better solution for years, until we decided to be the solution.

Sound familiar?